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    You can turn on music and go to sleep without bother about shutting down the computer. Mark your friends birthdays and important events and get well-timed reminders. Limit games time for your children. Adjust exterior on your taste.

    Version 1.22 "OkClock" is task manager for unlimited number of tasks. It reminds about fixed events, runs and stops pointed programs. You can turn off, reboot, hibernate or suspend computer by timer. Program monitor collects information about all programs on your computer. Alarm can play sound file in Wave, Mp3, Midi, Wmf formats. You can shut hanging programs under Win9x. "OkClock" has original easy modified exterior. Working uder Windows 98,Me,2k,XP.

    511 Kb
    DBFViewer lets preview all table of *.dbf format. Sorting,Filtering,Seek data, mark for delete and recall records. You can save modified data in the new table or text file. Supports DOS(866) и ANSI(1251) code table. Does not need or use BDE and other system libs for data operations. Does not use index files .

Differs with high speed data perfomance. Data volume limit - size of RAM on your computer.

    Available on russian, on demand I can support you more information on english.

    370 Kb
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